“Our logs were embarrassing. The finish was looking dark, dull and uneven, and we weren’t sure how to proceed. We knew stripping off the old finish and starting over would be a monumental job, and we just didn’t have the time. Then in 2004 we were lucky to find Pete. After some deliberation, we hired him to deal with the problem for us. First he corn-blasted the whole mess off, then applied borate to provide future protection, and finally applied a beautiful new coat of finish.

What a difference! Since then, we have received dozens of comments about how beautiful our house looks and what excellent shape our logs are in. People are surprised when we tell them our logs are actually upwards of 25 years old. We now hire Pete each year to give our logs a cleaning, monitor their condition, and touch up the finish if needed. It feels so good to know our investment in our house is being so well protected, and to know that we don’t have to deal with this job ourselves.”

- Jeff & Nancy Muldoon, Lake Roesiger, WA

“Hi Pete–I just wanted to write and thank you for the great job you did in repairing and restoring our house.  As you know, we were pretty concerned about that exposed corner that was showing serious signs of deterioration and dry rot. Your replacement of the bad log ends with cedar looks great and has restored my confidence in the integrity of that corner. You also did a nice job of blending the cedar in with the pine when you restained the entire house.

Throughout the process, from your initial consultation to the final steps of blasting, sanding, and restaining, I appreciated your candor and integrity in advising us and keeping us fully informed. I’m also grateful for your understanding of our situation and your willingness to establish a fair price for  your work.

Thanks, too, for offering to continue to advise me about cleaning and restaining as time passes. I’ll look forward to seeing you from time to time, as I very much enjoyed meeting and working with you, Yura, and Rocky.”

- Bob LeRoy

Pete and his crew did a marvelous job of restoring our 25 year old log house. We are constantly getting comments from drive-by admirers asking if we just built it.

You can be sure the job will be done right and in a most professional manner when you trust your home to Pete.”

- Bruce & Patty Arendt

“We purchased our 1934 log house which was scheduled for demolition on Whidbey Island after a damage assessment and repair quote by Peter D Bird, Fidalgo Restoration Log Home Repair LLC. Other local log structure vendors provided quotes which would have been prohibitively expensive and invasive to perform the restoration. Substantial exterior rot repair under windows, surface paint removal and exterior restoration was done by Peter with integrity and skill and within a budget that allowed us to purchase the house. We haven’t had any problem with the repairs after six years. Were it not for Fidalgo Restoration Log Home Repair LLC we would not have been able to enjoy our wonderful and unique home.”

- JB & Kay

Fidalgo Restoration Log Home Repair LLC restored and repaired the exterior of the Rotary Log Pavilion in the summer of 2010. They started the work on time and completed the project right on schedule. Work included: removing old stain, sanding, replacing rotten logs and re-staining the entire exterior of the building. The Pavilion now looks beautiful again, for all users and the community to enjoy.”

- Stacie Barnum, Assistant Parks & Recreation Director, City of Aberdeen, WA

“Peter Bird did a complete restoration of the finish on our log home and barn in the Sierra foothills of California. All the failed finish was removed, the wood treated, and fresh oil base stain applied. Some rotting wood was replaced. The end result made our buildings look like new. We were so impressed with the quality and speed of the work, and with Peter’s honesty and work ethic, that we highly recommend him.”

- Judy Looby and David Dorinson

Pete Bird and his crew at Fildalgo Restoration recently did a major project on our two-story log home in northern Utah. They blasted, stained and sealed the entire exterior, chinked the logs, refinished the decks, rebuilt some stairs, and worked with a subcontractor to replace our deck railing.

As a licensed architect and attorney, I have certain expectations of a contractor, and Pete exceeded those expectations in every way. He went out of his way to meet with us and discuss the scope of work. His estimate was complete and accurate, and there were no surprise “extras” at the end. And, most importantly, the quality of the work was superb. I wholeheartedly recommend Pete and his crew; craftsmen of this level of quality, integrity and commitment to get the job right are very few and far between.”

- Ron Breiss

Fidalgo Restoration Log Home Repair LLC did a fabulous job on my log home and I highly recommend them to anyone with a log or wood exterior home. I continue to use Peter for additional work every year or two, primarily because he did such a great job on the big project and every job since then.

I was the 3rd owner of my home and the maintenance had not been done in several years. The first project we had Fidalgo do was the complete blasting, sanding, and re-staining of the whole house. It was a big job (big cost) and I was reluctant to spend what was needed, but knew I really needed something done. Peter seemed to know what he was doing more than the other companies I called, so we went forward despite my reluctance.

Each day of the work, I saw progress and gained confidence in the company, but the big shock came on the first day I came home after the stain was applied. I was completely surprised and relieved at how absolutely beautiful the wood looked. We had a brand new home!

My “buyer’s remorse” about the cost and wondering whether it was the right choice went away in a flash. The cost was absolutely worth it (not to mention increasing the value of our home). We have continued to use Peter’s service for cleaning & additional staining several times since that first job. He has been completely professional in both the work and the clean-up.

I don’t believe you could find anyone or any company that could exceed the quality of work that Peter provides. Thank you Peter for the high-quality, professional services you have provided us. We are so proud of our log home when people come over and say how beautiful it is.”

- Steve and Teresa Bowles

“Great company, loved the workers. Highly recommend.”

- R.

“Amazing rot repair and log home restoration company! I highly recommend their services and we love the crew and the owner Pete Bird!”

- Rose Shirk

“Great company! After contacting many log restoration companies and getting many estimates, Fidalgo [Restoration] gave me the best offer and did a great job on my cabin! Really happy with the work they did. Highly recommend!”

- Benjamin Dabiri
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